About Us

Easy Inspection is a digital platform created by Greyloft, a prop-tech company based in Singapore. With several years of experience in real estate under our belt, we have come to realise that some of the most prominent issues real estate professionals face presently are wasting time on manual inventory management tasks.

Because we strongly believe in integrating technology into daily operations, we ended up crafting Easy Inspection, a product that helps companies inspect and manage properties and facilities on the go.

Our Product

Easy Inspection is a mobile and web-based solution that helps companies in industries such as property management, facilities management and serviced apartments/hotel operators inspect and manage their inventory more efficiently.

Presently, businesses physically inspect facilities and properties using pen and paper and collating reports.

Using our digital inspection tool, staff can create thorough facility and inventory inspection reports using their smartphones; these reports automatically get stored securely and can be accessed anytime on a dashboard. These reports are modular and customisable.

The data collected across the portfolio can then be analysed to identify areas for operational improvement. This helps reduce cost whilst simultaneously improving operational efficiency and visibility.


15 mins

Average Time Saver Per Inspection

30 mins

Average Time Saved Per Report Generation

Easier Portfolio management ,issue tracking & reporting

Better recoveries & fewer disputes owing to higher quality data captured during the inspections.

The Founders


CEO, Co - Founder Licensed Real Estate Advisor, Previously in Commodity Finance ,Standard Chartred Bank.


CTO, CPO, Co-Founder Licensed Real Estate Advisor, Previously in Technology, Barclays Capital

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